Selling Cars On eBay Starts Off Slow For GM

Article: Selling Cars On eBay Starts Off Slow For GM

If there is one thing that I did not expect to take off, it is the selling of cars on eBay.  While GM had good intentions in the beginning, they certainly did not know how to execute them well enough to actually make a different.  Sales this far have been pretty look and while eBay states that there have been about 630,000 visits and 960,000 searches of listed trucks and cars, the sales themselves are still pretty slow – on eBay at least.

One thing that I do not think that GM realized when they first started this ploy is the fact that people – unless they are rich, do not want to spend 30 – 40k on a car or truck that they have never even seen.  Most of the time, when people are looking for a new car – or even a used car, they want to get in and drive it around or at least see it in person – be able to touch it.  They do not want to do this online and that is where the biggest problem is.

All I can say – good luck GM, I really hop that you figure something out … seriously!


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