Car crash – What Next?

Article: Car crash – What Next?

Right, so your car was involved in a car accident and you are wondering what happens next?

Irrespictive of jurisdiction (that is to say which country or state you are in) here are a couple of guidelines which we hope will make life hell of a lot easier in this distressful situation:

  1. After the accident occurs, whatever you do, don’t leave the car accident site. Virtually in all countries such an act is considered a crime. So stay at the site. Don’t run away.
  2. If the vehicles don’t hinder or create danger for incoming traffic avoid moving them. Otherwise, situate the vehicle in a non-obstructing place.
  3. If one of the parties is injured, especially if the person is in a life threatening situation, provide first aid and call for emergency rescue. Failure to do so when one had such a possibility is considered a crime in a number of jurisdictions.
  4. Call the police. In a number of jurisdictions this is standard procedure. Irrespective of this, it is a good idea to call the police – especially if you are the victim. An objective police testimony is priceless in a future potential lawsuit situation. However be careful what you say. Things aren’t sometimes as they appear.
  5. If you feel pain or you suffered any other physical injury as a result of the accident report to the ER team on place or to the hospital directly after the accident. The reason is twofold: a) personal health b) legal implications.
  6. When exchanging data with the other driver or drivers make sure you have as much data as possible. This includes the following: the other drivers (or owners) name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, name of insurance company, and policy number; the names of passengers and witnesses, including their address and phone number.
  7. Note as many details (such as road and weather conditions) of the accident at the place.
  8. Before towage of the car get all the towage company details (name of the driver as well).
  9. Contact your insurance company and other mandatory administrative institutions in your jurisdiction. As the situation is often stressful, wherever possible try to use the assistance of counsel to do this.
  10. Of course be advised that every jurisdiction has special rules which are all to specific to present here, but which may have to be considered at the place. So before you travel abroad, make sure you check the ground rules in the country of your destination.


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