Auto Insurance: Extra Benefits

Article: Auto Insurance: Extra Benefits

A basic auto insurance policy offers two main benefits or types of coverage: the collision coverage and the comprehensive coverage. You will also get liability coverage with the insurance policy, which means you are protected from third-party liabilities in the event of an accident. However, most – if not all – auto insurance options nowadays come with added benefits. We are going to discuss some of the most common extra benefits of an auto insurance policy in this article.

At the top of our list, we have the emergency roadside assistance. This is a good extra benefit to have nonetheless; should your car break down, you can simply contact the emergency hotline and a team of experienced mechanics will arrive to assist you in a matter of minutes.

There are also insurance policies that provide extra coverage for when you are driving a rental car. If you travel a lot and you often use a rental car during your trips, this particular extra benefit is certainly worth getting. Bear in mind that you can also remove the rental car coverage and lower your insurance premium further.

Another good benefit to have is no-claim bonuses. Most insurance companies appreciate customers with low or zero number of claims. The bonuses can be anything from a lowered premium, cashbacks, gift cards and discounts. By keeping your claim history clean, you will also make renewing the insurance policy a lot easier and much more affordable; the no-claim bonuses are worth pursuing nonetheless.

As mentioned earlier, these extra benefits – along with other offered by the insurance companies – can be removed from your insurance policy; don’t hesitate to remove any benefit you don’t need and have the insurance premium lowered substantially. This way, you can find the best low-cost car insurance with all the benefits you need.


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